“Don’t Touch It ! DON’T TOUCH IT” !!!


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Kevin Zraly

Just went to the BENVENUTO BRUNELLO TASTING 2018 .. I had Fun, but nothing like the 2013 New York Brunello Tasting when I attended a Brunello Seminar conducted by the great KEVIN ZRALY . It was absolutely Marvelous, as all of Kevin’s Seminars and Classes are. And as always I Learn a Thing or Two, or 3 or 4 . Since then I have attended a couple other seminars, one of which I walked out on, as the Girl conducted it Didn’t Know What The Hell she was talking about, “It was Awful so I walked out.

I wish The Brunello would bring Kevin Back to do another of his Wonderful Seminars again. We need him, so if you want to Read of the Great Brunello Seminar that Kevin Zraly gave at the New York Brunello Tasting in 2013, Click Here !

Basta !



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Daniel Bellino-Zwicke